Forte Heavy Removals are reputable and skilled Perth spa movers. Spa removals are a difficult task that takes skill, experience and specialised equipment to do the job properly. We have over 40 years of experience in removing and relocating spas/jacuzzis. Our specialist equipment allow us to remove spas safely and precisely even in difficult locations such as on a balcony.

Whether you are moving home and want take your spa with you, or have decided to buy one and need it placed at your home, hire a Perth spa removal specialist.

Why Hire a Perth Spa Removal Professional?

Spas are very heavy objects, even when not filled with water. Spas can weight between 195kg to 395kg depending on their capacity. Spas are also an awkward and bulky shape making them even harder to move. Spas can be easily damaged if handled incorrectly. The underside of a spa contains important wires and pipes. Before removing, these need to be properly protected. Failure to do this could leave to your expensive purchase damaged and unusable.

Enlisting inexperienced people such as your friends to help, or hiring a regular removalist, could mean the removal is done incorrectly and dangerously. To avoid injury to yourself, and damage to your spa, always hire a Perth spa removal specialist.

At Forte, we have the specialist knowledge and equipment to complete any spa removal project. Our specialist equipment, combined with our team of highly qualified spa movers ensures your spa will be removed and relocated with the utmost care and precision.

At Forte, we offer exceptional service at competitive and fair prices. We are also flexible with our working hours and can complete a spa removal job at a time that suits your schedule. On arrival, we will carefully assess the job at hand and use all the equipment necessary to ensure your spas safe removal.

Are You in Need of a Perth Spa Mover?

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Forte Heavy Removals Spa Moving Equipment

Our extensive list of high-quality spa removal equipment can remove spas in the most difficult situations.

Our Spa Removalist Equipment includes:

  • Crane
  • Lifting hoists
  • Mechanical stair climbing aid
  • Trolleys
  • Covers
  • Secure & reliable transportation.

Other Heavy Removal Services

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