Forte Heavy Removals was established in 2014, out of a both passion and desire to offer superior heavy removalist services in Perth. We aimed to offer an improved level of service and skill which was lacking in the industry. The relocation of heavy and awkward objects requires specific skills and equipment to ensure the job is completed properly. As a family business, our heavy removal experience goes back a generation helping us to offer superior services.

We are proud to offer the following heavy removal services to Perth and it’s surrounding suburbs.

As a long-standing locally owned and operated company, we understand Perth and it’s surrounding suburbs like the back of our hands. This gives us the advantage of easily calculating the fastest and safest route.

We understand that the possessions you require us to move have significant monetary and/or sentimental value. Our goal is to make sure your item/s are moved correctly and efficiently and to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible.

Over time, we have built our repertoire of specialist equipment so that we can tackle even the hardest of removal jobs. Our team of professionals have been trained in the art of heavy removals and have licenses to operate heavy-duty equipment such as cranes and forklifts. Whether you require items to be moved up and downstairs, over balconies or into awkward areas, Forte Heavy Removals can get the job done safely & securely, ensuring your items are relocated in their original condition.

Want to know more about our company and heavy removal services? Get in touch with our friendly team of professionals on 0439 503 000.