At Forte Heavy Removals, we are dedicated to handling and moving your prized possessions carefully and professionally. With knowledge passed down from 40 years of experience and 10,000 piano moves and counting, we are able to handle, crate, and relocate heavy and awkward items. We are a locally owned and operated company with a goal of making moving items a stress-free experience for all our clients.


Moving & Relocation

Whether you are a homeowner looking to move a piano to a new home, or moving your pool table or safe to a new location across the city, know that you can always count on us to get the job done. If you need general house hold or office relocation we recommended calling us so we can discuss your needs.

We work with and recommend one of the best tuners in Perth: Dave Kaye at "Piano Tuner Perth" (
He does everything from tuning and repairs to complete restoration jobs.
​ Call Dave 0449 112 944 for a no obligation free quote or visit his website for more info. 

Pool Table / Billiard Table's

If you are planning to move a pool table to another part of your house or to a new location in Perth, get the help of our expert movers. You don’t want to risk cracking the slate, damaging property or injuring yourself when moving your pool table. Forte Heavy Removals & logistics takes the heavy lifting, up and down the stairs; our team can do the moving for you in a secure and efficient manner. Having relocated pool tables of all types and sizes on numerous occasions, we can determine the right approach when it comes to removal and transporting these large items.

Commercial Services

At Forte Heavy Removals & Logistics we can disassemble machinery, remove from location and re-assemble, organise and setup crane lifts, move machinery, equipment and safes up and down stairs using our hydraulic stair climbing machine. Forte Heavy removals & Logistics is a full service business, there isn't a job to big or small.

We can organise and execute:
 Workshop Relocations
 Machinery Relocation
 Machine Re-positionin
 Crane lifts
 Disassembling and reassembling of   equipment
 Moving up and down stairs (Plant rooms,   rooftops)
spa mover perth


As the premier piano mover in Perth and the surrounding areas, we have the skills and the equipment to make sure that your prized possession continues to produce exceptional sound after relocation. Homeowners, professional musicians, churches, concert theatres, schools, and music shops have all entrusted pianos for safe handling and moving to us. Our specialised technique has also made us the first choice of other furniture moving companies whenever they need assistance in relocating a piano or heavy musical instrument. Whether you need help with a full sized concert grand or a vintage pianola, call us and our piano removal specialists will make sure that everything is in order. We know how to move all makes/models of pianos and other heavy musical instruments such as organs and harpsichords. We also own various trolleys and hydraulic equipment specialised moving heavy items to ensure efficient piano removals and safe transport.

Safe's & Other Heavy Items

Attempting to carry or transport heavy and awkward items such as spa removals and safe removals on your own not only strains your back, but it may also lead to property damage. From small scratches to smashed tiles, accidents due to improper handling and transportation can vastly decrease the value of your possessions. The problem is compounded further if the item in questions has significant sentimental value to you and your family.
Spare yourself the stress and physical strain. Forte Heavy Removals can handle the safe relocation of heavy and bulky possessions. Our team is experienced in moving awkward, fragile, and heavy items.

Musical instruments/Equipment
Pool tables
Spa Pools
ATM machines
Antique furniture
Marble/Granite/Stone furniture
Pots/Potted Plants
Gym Equipment
Large refrigerators or freezers
Medical Equipment


Call Forte today for a no obligation quote, and information on how we can assist.