4 Common Piano Moving Myths: Debunked

Moving your piano to another location is a highly challenging task. With a lot of information about moving a piano available online, it can be quite difficult for you to distinguish fact from fiction when it comes to piano moving guidance. 

If you are looking to opt for a piano moving in Perth, this blog post exposes four common misconceptions you may be having about relocating your piano. Read on to learn more. 

Common Misconceptions About Piano Moving 

 Myth# 1: You Can Hire Any Moving Company For A Piano Relocation 

One most common misconception about piano moving is that any general moving company can take care of a piano moving task. But this is not the truth. Although many moving companies are experienced in transporting furniture and other large items, the process of moving a piano requires specialised expertise, knowledge, and equipment to ensure a secure removal of your musical instrument. 

Being bulky, expensive, and delicate instruments, pianos require meticulous care and handling from specialised professionals who are trained to handle the piano moving job. So, if you are looking to relocate your piano to another location, make sure to hire a professional team of piano movers in Perth

Myth #2 DIY Piano Removal Is A Cost-Effective Process 

Moving a piano on your own without seeking professional support may appear to be a more affordable option, but this is indeed a wrong belief. Attempting to move your piano on your own involves many risks that can be greater than the costs of hiring professional Perth piano removals. If you try to move a piano without having professional training and the proper equipment, it may cause significant damage to your musical instrument. 

If you consider the prices involved with the damage to the piano and human injuries during a DIY piano move, the expenses of hiring a professional piano moving service will be a lot less. 

Myth#3: You Do Not Need To Disassemble Piano Parts While Moving 

Another common misconception about moving a piano is that you do not need to disassemble it before moving. But the truth is that it is necessary to disassemble the piano to protect it from encountering damage and to ensure its smooth relocation. 

Experts specialising in Perth piano removals have the necessary knowledge and experience to figure out when it is necessary for them to disassemble the piano, and they will also reassemble it in the right manner once the piano reaches its destination. Such professional disassembling and reassembling of the musical instrument protects it from any kind of potential damage. 

Myth#4 Piano Moving Does Not Require Specialised Equipment 

Another myth you will come across about moving a piano is that it can be relocated without the use of any specialised equipment. However, this concept is not true, and attempting to move a piano without standard tools can result in a dangerous and damaging moving process. 

A professional piano moving in Perth uses specialised tools such as piano dollies, straps, blankets, etc., to ensure secure packaging and shifting of the piano, eliminating any possibility of any damage. 

You can avoid all these misconceptions and ensure a secure relocation of your piano with the help of an expert professional relocation service. If you are looking to engage the best piano movers in PerthForteheavy Removals is the name to trust. Connect with us to discuss your relocation needs.