How Do Professional Piano Removals Transport The Piano

Have you ever thought about what makes Perth Piano Removals so preferred in the region? Well, it is not only because of the way the professionals pack or carry the piano but also because of the way they secure and transport it to the new destination.

The task of moving a large and delicate instrument like a piano is very stressful and physically tiring. It is, therefore, best to leave it to the professionals. A professional piano mover in Perth has the knowledge, experience, and required devices that help to transport the piano safely to its new location. 

So, now let us take a closer look at how professional piano removals transport these beautiful instruments.

Step 1: Piano Removals Prepare For The Activity

The first step in transporting a piano is proper preparation. Professional removal companies will take the time to assess the piano and its surroundings. They will measure the piano and make note of any obstacles that may be in the way. It will include the stairs in the house, the narrow doorways, or elevators(in commercial spaces). Perth piano removalists gather this information to decide on the best approach for moving the piano.

Step 2: Disassembling The Piano (If Necessary)

The big thing may need to be disassembled before being transported, and it depends on the size and type of piano. This is a delicate and time-consuming process and invariably needs to be done with care and attention. Professional Perth piano removals send experts who have the necessary tools and devices to disassemble the piano safely. They take the charge of making it sure that all parts are carefully packed and protected for the move.

Step 3: Wrapping And Packing

Once the piano is disassembled, it is then carefully wrapped and packed for transport. Professional removal companies use devices and materials like padded blankets, bubble wrap, and straps. These items helps in securing the piano and keeps it protected during the move. This step helps to prevents any damage to the piano during transportation.

Step 4: Loading The Piano Onto The Truck

The next step is to expertly load the piano onto a truck, and the Perth piano removalists have the required skill and experience to do it. Professional removal companies use ramps, dollies, and cranes to load the piano onto the truck safely. The piano is then secured in place to prevent any movement during the journey.

Step 5: Transportation

Transportation is the most important step and a piano demands careful planning and a steady hand for the job. Professional removal companies have trained and experienced drivers who know how to move through the difficult roads. They are expert and can arrange for a smooth journey for your piano. The truck used for transportation is also equipped with air suspension, which helps to absorb any bumps or vibrations during the journey.

Step 6: Unloading And Reassembling The Piano

Once the piano reaches its destination, it is carefully unloaded and brought into the new location. Professional Perth piano removals have the necessary items and know how to move the piano through tight spaces and up or down stairs. The piano is then reassembled, and all parts are carefully put back in place.

Step 7: Tuning And Final Check

The final step in the piano removal process is tuning. During this time the professionals make sure everything is in working order. Professional removal companies have partnerships with piano tuners who can come in and tune the piano to its optimal sound quality. They will also do a final check and so you will have a pace of mind as you would then know that the piano has arrived in perfect condition.

Professional Perth piano removals follow a thorough and detailed process for transporting pianos. So, the next time you need to move your piano, get in touch with Forteheavy Removals. We are an experience piano removal company and we can take the stress out of the piano moving process.