how to move a piano

The first thing to do before moving a piano yourself…. is it worth it.

Now if your as headstrong as my 3yr old daughter and think you can do this and strong enough here are the basics.

Step:1 Get your self a fixed wheel trolley and a friend. Not one of those swivel wheel trolleys as you will most probably kill your self.

Step:2 Pull the Piano away from the wall and other furniture that you don’t want to hit.

Step:3 Tip the piano over with one person pulling back on the lid and the other lifting from the front of the piano and handle located on the back.

Step:4 Once the piano is up and should balance on the corner with your friend holding it there. Place the trolley under with none of the trolley sticking out the back or it will catch on the door coming out of the house.

Step:5 Goodluck your on your own from here! If you have got these steps down pat and get the piano on the trolley your capable of finishing the job.

Now for everyone else who read through and thought… I don’t have insurance for this and don’t want to crush my fingers on a door frame call Forte Heavy Removals. It’s just easier.