Reasons Why Experts Do Not Recommend Self Piano Moving

Piano moving becomes an important task, especially when you are moving your house or have bought a brand new piano that requires to be moved to your address. Many times, people try to move a piano all by themselves using DIY methods or any other way. Experts, however, do not recommend self-piano moving. Piano is a big and heavy item and must be left to experts of piano moving in Perth to tackle its move.

While attempting to move a piano may look cheaper, there are associated risks of damage and costly repairs. Through this blog, let us learn some more reasons why experts do not recommend moving a piano. 

A Piano Is Not A Piece Of Furniture

While you may use a piano as a decorative piece in the house, it is, however, not furniture. A piano is built in an intricate process and has a lot of sensitive components inside. Experienced professionals offering piano moving in Perth have access to the right equipment required for piano moving and hence can move the piano in the safest possible way. All the parts and components are safely secured and transported by them. Although your piano looks good even when you do not play it, you must make sure that it remains operational always.

You Will Require The Dedicated Tools For Piano Moving

Pianos are big and heavy instruments that must be moved right. An expert piano removalist in Perth possesses the skill to handle the task. An added benefit of hiring them is they have the right tools needed for piano moving and are adequately trained with the right practices to conduct safe piano moving. Pianos moving tools like piano dollies and skid boards make piano moving easier. Without the use of this specialised equipment, moving a piano can lead to its complete damage. Buying this equipment is not a very useful option as it may cost you heavily, and you are not well-versed in its usage.

Uneven Weight And Tricky Shape Of Pianos Are The Challenges

The typical shape of a piano is an unmanageable thing. However, it needs to be understood that the typical shape of the piano is what enables it to produce the sound better. Additionally, the piano’s weight is not evenly distributed, and hence the moving of a piano becomes very difficult overall. Experienced Perth piano removalists are well aware of balancing the piano properly as they are very experienced in the job. Hence, you have peace of mind knowing that your piano moving is handled by the experts.

Risk Of Damaging The Walls, Surfaces And Furniture

Handling the piano by an inexperienced individual can have dangerous consequences. Inexperienced piano movers do not have access to specialised training and equipment, and therefore, picking up and navigating the piano through narrow areas of a house and placing the piano properly becomes a challenge. There can be situations where pianos will be dropped by them, causing extensive damage to the walls, surfaces and the furniture nearby. It can even lead to serious physical injury and can cause severe accidents for the people involved. Professionals, on the other hand, make the right decisions and prevent all the surfaces, walls, and furniture from getting damaged.

One must not take piano moving as a casual task. DIY piano moving methods are unproven and can be risky. Moreover, these methods can only be tried with the availability of specialised equipment. So, if you are looking for an easy and stress-free piano move in Perth, get in touch with Forteheavy Removals. Our professionals are trained, and our service is insured, so you get the best piano moving within your budget.

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