4 Best Questions To Ask A Piano Removalist Before Hiring

Are you looking for a Piano Moving Service in Perth?

A piano is an instrument close to the pianist’s heart. It is mainly an antique musical instrument found in many households. Whereas in some ancestral houses. It remains the legacy of class and culture of the previous generation.

When you choose to relocate to a new place and have this huge instrument on the list of things to be shifted, it becomes a matter of concern.

However, there are reputable piano moving companies that take your concern seriously. Just make sure you ask the following questions to the company serving you as Piano Removalist Perth:

1.Is Your Company Insured?

The first concern that comes to your mind is, ‘what if my piano gets damaged during transit’?

If you have hired a recognised Piano Moving Perth company, you need not worry about anything.

Pianists and musicians need not worry about the safety of their instruments if the company hired can show proof of liability insurance. The company, in such cases, will be in a state to cover the damages caused to your valuable instrument.

Generally, a piano mover, as well as the vehicle that will transport the heavy instrument, is covered under workmen’s compensation insurance and commercial automotive policies, respectively.

Although it is good to have all the information handy, all these incidents generally do not occur when you hire a trustworthy Piano Moving Service in Perth.

2. How Will You Move My Heavy Piano?

Any pianist will be worried as well as inquisitive to know the process of piano moving.

Well, it is good to know that piano moving companies generally give you a picture of possessing powerful pieces of equipment to move your instrument.

However, they may send a limited number of technicians with limited knowledge. Again some companies offer you a local service by sending you too many workers to lift the valuable thing to reach the vehicle.

It is advised not to accept the services of such unprofessional companies. It may lead to permanent damage to your priced possession.

A professional Piano Moving Service in Perth will not adopt such careless practices. They will appoint around five best professionals who will initially clear their queries related to the service. They will learn about the weight, size and shape and gather the necessary information before starting the job.

Finally, they will make use of smart techniques and specialised equipment instead of using muscle power.

3. Are You Experienced in Moving A Piano?

You cannot have a blindfolded trust, even in a reputable company. Although the company might have the best professionals or hi-tech equipment, no one provides a 100% guarantee over unforeseen circumstances.

It is therefore advised to settle down with a company that has demonstrated its story of achievements and success likely on its website.

With client testimonials, ratings and reviews, you can determine the quality of services and understand whether the customers felt happy with the work.

4. Is Your Piano Moving Service in Perth Expensive?

A piano represents your identity. It is a symbol of your worth. The instrument itself is highly valuable.

Also piano is an excessively delicate instrument that is enormously huge and heavy. Moving a piano is not a one-man’s job. It needs a workforce of multiple technicians and types of equipment.

Thus make sure you consider all such points and make a budget plan to understand the relevance of the quotation provided by the piano moving specialist company like Forte Heavy Removals.

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