How To Check If Your Piano Is Intact After Relocation

Inspection of things after the relocation is an important step to ensure your belonging is safe. A lot of things can happen during transportation. Although many companies offer a piano moving service in Perth companies guarantee a secure piano relocation service, you should be extra cautious about your priced possession. Unfortunately, many things go unnoticed, and your valuables may get damaged or broken in the moving truck.

Expensive items like a piano are undoubtedly valuable items. If you plan to relocate this costly item to your new apartment or any other destination, it is best to ensure that your piano is intact even after relocation.

Examine All Possible Damages Before Relocating

The best thing to do is inspect whether there are already some damages present in the instrument. Take a little time to make sure that you know which part of the piano is not working(if any). It is a practical step to ensure that your piano is fully functional. When you have a complete list of active and non-functional parts of your piano, you can identify the new scratches and file for an insurance claim.

Protecting The Piano From Damage While Relocating

Precisely, if you are not hiring a professional piano moving service in Perth, there are not many a thing that you can do to protect your piano from getting damaged.

However, taking suitable precautions helps. Follow these quick steps to reduce the chances of damage during relocation.

Pack It Safely For Transportation

In case you want to be more secure, you can take those extra steps to ensure safety from your end.

  • Measure the doorways and hallways and ensure that the piano will easily fit through the passages or if they need adjustments.
  • Remove the legs off of the piano to make transportation easy.
  • Pack each part, like screws, bolts, and legs, separately to provide extra protection.
  • Offer the piano a plastic cover to protect it from leakages.

When you ensure these points, you do not have the stress of fixing the damaged parts of the piano later.

These steps will ensure that you’re not disappointed when you check if your piano is damage-free after the move. After all, it’s better to prevent issues than to have to fix them later. So, take the time to protect your piano before moving it.

Hire Experts To Help You

Securing your piano takes a lot of time and the proper knowledge. Unprofessional helpers may end up breaking your instrument completely. Experts of piano moving Perth use high-end equipment and the correct technique to pack, lift, load and unload your piano. They do it in the best interest of the clients and ensure that the priced item is delivered intact and damage-free.

Re-check The Piano After Relocation

When your relocation process has been completed, and your Piano Movers Perth successfully helped ship your heavy instrument, it’s time for the final damage check. Consider a few tips for inspecting your piano:

1. Be confident about the tuning

2. Look for any new scratches (if any)

3. Make sure there are no missing hinges or screws.

4. See if any dampness is caused due to any leakage from the truck.

Hire professionals from Forte Heavy Removals and relocate your piano. Enjoy a seamless piano moving service in Perth with us!