6 Factors That Complicate The Process of Moving Your Piano

Your piano is a significant investment that represents joy, culture, and love for music in your family. You place your piano as a centrepiece in your living room and entertain guests and visitors on special occasions. However, this source of pride becomes a source of concern when it comes to relocating your piano. 

If you are planning to move your piano to another location, it is essential that you prepare ahead of time to ensure a smooth relocation and protect your piano from any kind of damage. This blog post discusses six common factors that can complicate your piano moving process and how you can deal with them with the help of a reliable service of piano moving in Perth. Read on to learn more. 

Factors That Can Complicate Your Piano Moving Process 

Access Points in Your House 

While moving out to another location, most of your belongings exit from your current house and enter your new property through the front door. However, when it comes to moving large items such as your piano, you may have to use access points such as sliding access points, balcony doors, French doors, etc. 

Moving your piano through these additional access points may present your piano mover with some challenges. Make sure your piano removalist in Perth is equipped with the necessary equipment to smoothly pass your piano through complex access points in your house. 

Dimensions of Door and Hallway

Pianos are extremely difficult to lift in parts owing to their size. Due to the huge size of your piano, it increases the possibility of damage to your property and injury to individuals trying to handle it. 

If your house has low ceilings, narrow doorways, or thin hallways, your professional piano movers may have to partially or entirely disassemble your piano to get the instrument out of your house safely. While hiring a team of Perth piano removalists, make sure the professionals have the necessary skills and experience to deal with such challenges. 

The Size of The Instrument

Apart from the challenging shape of your piano, its size and weight are also challenges when you are looking to relocate it to another location. Even the smallest pianos can weigh between 300 and 400 pounds. If you have a grand piano, it can weigh between 1000-1200 lbs.

So, while choosing a professional service of piano moving in Perth, ask your service provider if they have specialised tools such as dollies, straps, pads, and blankets to ensure secure relocation of your piano. 

The Distance Between Your Home and Your Destination 

Another factor that can affect the moving of your piano and present challenges is the distance between your home and your destination. 

When you engage a piano moving service in Perth, make sure to clear a way for the truck to move and park close to the piano’s access point. 

The distance between your current location and your destination may affect the expenses of moving your piano. The piano may encounter damage if it has to travel long distances without being packed and handled properly. So, make sure the piano mover you are hiring takes proper care of your piano and ensures a smooth relocation with no damage. 

The Weather 

Being a piano owner, you need to be aware of the fact that pianos are vulnerable to temperature changes and changes in humidity. However, it may be beyond your comprehension how these factors can complicate the process of moving your piano. 

It is advisable that you plan to move your piano during a comfortable season when your piano will not have to encounter high levels of temperature and humidity while being transported to the new location. Opt for hiring a piano moving company in Perth that uses temperature-controlled vehicles for moving your piano and protects the piano from humidity and temperature. 

Stairs in Your House 

The number of stairs in your house is apparently one of the most obvious factors that can complicate the process of relocating your piano. Staircases can actually be difficult to navigate with a piano, and professional piano movers may charge you extra if they have to move the piano for more than one flight of stairs. 

To eliminate any complications that could occur from stairs in your house, work with a professional piano mover who has years of experience in relocating pianos. 

Relocating your piano can be a complex process. But you can simplify it with the help of a reliable, professional piano removalist in Perth. If you are looking to engage the best service provider, Forteheavy Removals is the name to trust. Connect with us to receive our expert support.