Factors That Contribute To The Cost Of Piano Moving Service

If you are reading this blog, you are supposedly planning to move your piano. In the process, you must have received multiple quotes from different companies providing piano moving in Perth. However, if you are not convinced by the quote and want to know what makes up the cost of moving a piano, continue reading this blog.

Relocation is exciting until you have to deal with the task of moving a huge instrument like a piano. Piano moving is risky, and it needs to be dealt with with precision and care; hence, it is best to give it away to professionals. In case you are wondering what factors are involved in the cost of piano moving service, read this blog. Here, we have listed all the intricacies of piano moving, which leads to the entire charge. Reading this blog will also help you know what the hidden costs are and how to plan your budget for the task.

1. Hiring Experts For The Work

Professional service will invariably cost more than the DIY method. When you invest in professional service, you actually invest in the safety of your belongings. Professional piano movers charge more because they understand the heaviness and delicacy of the instrument and expertly handle the item. They have access to specialised equipment that helps move the piano smoothly and without causing damage. It will actually cost more if you need to arrange for all the equipment and manpower on your own.

2. Access To The Specialised Tool

There needs to be more than just getting strong hands for the work to complete a piano-moving task. Professionals do handle it better with the help of particular tools like padding, piano dollies, ramps, etc. Incorporation of these tools is important in order to achieve safe and successful piano moving. However, the cost of employing these tools is often overlooked while planning for the budget. It is better to keep in mind the cost of obtaining these tools and make the budget accordingly.

3. Cost Of Insurance Coverage

Accidents during piano moving are quite common and can happen even if you hire the best piano moving service. When you hire a reliable company offering piano moving in Perth, you get adequate insurance coverage that safeguards against unexpected mishaps. Reputable service providers make sure to secure your instrument by taking proper precautions like insurance coverage, which offers added peace of mind. Insurance coverage is financial protection of your piano throughout the moving process and must be considered a wise investment during budgeting. 

Sometimes, moving a piano in a house with a tricky layout can cause small or big damage to the house structure. For example, navigating through narrow doorways, staircases, and elevators needs some more labour and equipment, which directly or indirectly contributes to the cost of piano moving. These are hidden costs and are unavoidable. Experienced piano moving companies assess all these factors, and it is best to discuss these concerns with the piano moving company.

5. Cost Of Travel

Another significant cost that adds to the expense of piano moving is the travel expenses. Be it a long-distance or short-distance move, there are some unavoidable costs, such as the cost of fuel, meals for the staff, and accommodation for the moving crew. It is good to understand all these costs and prepare a budget that includes such expenses. It helps to avoid last-minute surprises which can make you uncomfortable.

6. Dealing With Sensitivity Challenges

Piano owners know how sensitive these instruments are to the changes in temperature. When you hire a reputable piano moving company in Perth, they provide you with a climate-controlled transport service that helps to protect the piano from sudden changes in the climate. A good professional company takes such necessary measures to protect your instrument against extreme weather conditions. You cannot avoid the service if you want to keep the integrity of the piano intact. 

7. Cost Of Hiring Added Labour For Assembling Or Disassembling

When you have grand pianos, in particular, you require extra labour to assemble and disassemble the parts. Such added labour expenses also contribute to the cost of piano moving, particularly in the form of hidden charges. Make sure you plan to budget keeping such services in mind, too.

There are even more costs of additional service arrangements for customised crates, tuning of the piano after relocation and unforeseen delays in the process. Altogether, it becomes a huge cost and adds up to piano moving charges. Taking up all the jobs and allocating the budget might be a challenge, and it is best to hire professionals who can conduct a seamless piano moving.

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