6 Smart Ways To Pack Your Piano Before Piano Moving

Piano moving in Perth is an impeccable and beneficial service since one piano differs from the other. Be it Grand, Upright or Electronic, securing the piano parts is a job that needs experience. The large and typical shape of the piano makes it even more challenging to move.

In this blog, we have covered the 6 smart ways in which you can pack your piano before loading it on a moving truck.

1. Measure The Instrument

Measurement is crucial to understand that the vast instrument will fit into the doors and pass through the passages of the house. Take proper measurements of the width, length and height of the device. Similarly, you need to measure the staircases, hallway and doorway using paper, pencil and tape. Remember to measure these spaces of the new address.

2. Plan Your Move

Moving your piano is a matter of time and effort. Hence make a schedule for moving your piano correctly. Arrange all the materials and pack your piano on the first day. On the second day, call for assistance, take your piano through the doorways and passages and load it into the moving truck. This way, the piano movement will be safe and practical.

3. Book The Right Vehicle

It is essential to look for a truck that fits the piano well and transport it to the new destination without causing damage. Make sure there is enough room in the truck to allow little movement of the piano. The best would be to get a box truck to ensure the safe and secure movement of the piano. Otherwise, find an appropriate-sized moving truck to transport your instrument conveniently.

4. Arrange For The Proper Equipment

Here is the list of the right supplies required during the packing of your piano:

You can move a piano unless you have the right equipment handy. A piano removalist in Perth is well-equipped and has the right tool to give you flawless piano moving.

  • Piano dolly 
  • Ratchets & Screwdrivers
  • Moving straps
  • Piano skid board
  • Moving blankets
  • Work gloves
  • Packing tape
  • Stair ramp
  • Moving blankets & Furniture pads

5. Dissemble And Reassemble Process Of An Upright Piano

  • Cover the piano keys and pedals with bubble wraps
  • Put the piano’s lid and wrap it with an old towel.
  • Use moving blankets to wrap the entire instrument and secure it
  • Keep the handles and the rear accessible
  • Use the dolly to lift the piano and moving straps to secure it
  • Take the assistance of 2 to 3 people to carry the piano and load it onto the moving truck.
  • Ask one member to be in front while unloading the instrument.

6. Dissemble and reassemble the process of a Grand piano

  • Take the help of 2 to 3 people to move a Grand piano
  • Remove and secure the music rack with a moving blanket.
  • Blankets tend to slip off hence secure with many tapes.
  • Remove the first leg on the curved side first
  • Tip the piano on its side with your team
  • Consider plastic moving wrap to secure the piano in place
  • Place a blanket on the floor of the truck for better protection against scratches and damages.
  • Carefully place the piano on board and take assistance in this task.
  • Take the piano through the passages and load it to your vehicle with your team
  • Remember that ratchet straps to secure the piano to the truck.
  • Cover the remaining dissembled legs with a moving blanket
  • Lift and load the music rack, furniture legs and bench to the moving van.

It is best to hire professional assistance to move a complex and vast instrument like a piano. These technicians will come to your place with the right equipment, and thus you can enjoy a seamless piano moving experience without taking stress.

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