Piano Removalist Perth

Piano removal can be daunting if you are planning to downsize or want to make space in your room. When you have a very old piano at home, you must get in touch with a reliable piano removalist in Perth to have a seamless experience of piano moving. 

It is good to learn that getting rid of an old piano is difficult. You cannot make a lot of money from a 100-year-old piano. Only a few upright pianos can bring a significant amount of return. Also, pianos are big and heavy; you cannot simply dump them anywhere. Therefore the best way to get rid of your old piano is to reuse, donate or sell it. You can pay for removal and disposal through professional piano moving services in Perth.

If you are ready to bid farewell to your piano, read this blog to discover some secrets of easy piano removal.

Donate your piano

If your piano is too old and in decent working condition, you can donate it. Individuals and piano adoption companies accept old pianos and help you get rid of the instrument. As the piano reaches the person ready for adoption, your piano receives a better place for it, and the person, too, becomes happy. Look out for a family or a friend who feels delighted to adopt your piano, but make sure you give an honest description of the condition of your piano. Consider hiring a piano removalist in Perth to shift the piano to its new destination.

Sell your piano 

The best way to get rid of a piano is undoubtedly to sell your piano. Selling helps you earn some immediate cash. Pianos are antique instruments and are valuable. If you own a piano of a valuable brand, you will earn a significant amount. Ensure that you know well about the condition of your piano so that you get a good deal out of it.

There are two ways in which you can sell your piano

1. You can get in touch with a piano tuner or an expert from piano moving in Perth to help you get an estimated value of your piano. If the person concerned likes your piano and you are getting a significant amount as per your expectation, give away your instrument. The dealer or the tuner will likely take away your piano and resell it at a higher price.

2. The other way is to do a little research and understand how much you can make by selling your piano model. There are multiple websites where you can upload an image of your piano with the expected price. You will get potential buyers but be prepared to lower your price expectation a little.

Reuse your piano

When your old pianos have lost their worth, you can simply repurpose them. You can turn the piano into a fancy planter, a bookshelf or a bar. You can even make a fountain out of it. Use online DIY tips to get a perfect option to make out what you can do to make it useful and attractive.

Dispose or remove your piano

If you cannot manage time to go through all the above processes and simply want to get rid of the seemingly worthless item, dispose of your piano with companies who can help you get rid of it. Contact a piano mover in Perth who will charge as per the number of people involved and the time required to complete the task.

Reputable companies like Forteheavy Removals assist you in easily removing your piano. The experts are trained and certified to be extremely careful with the process. So whether you want to sell, relocate, donate or dispose of your piano, our experts will give you a hassle-free experience. 

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